Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

Chimelong comprises five major parks: the Safari Park, Happy World, Chimelong International Circus, Water Park, and Bird Park. Tickets can be purchased separately for each park.

Most tourists prioritize the Safari Park and Happy World. The Water Park is only open from April to October. After a day of fun, you can enjoy the International Circus in the evening, a world-class performance. The Bird Park, located about five kilometers away from the other parks, is often overlooked by visitors.

Chimelong Safari Park is amongst the best in China, where you can drive through to observe animals roaming freely.

Happy World offers thrilling rides like the Ten Loop Roller Coaster and Vertical Roller Coaster. The Water Park features a giant slide, wave pool, and more. The Bird Park offers various bird and animal performances, along with a crocodile pool housing hundreds of crocodiles.

Getting there:

Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

Chimelong is easily accessible, located right at the Hanxi Changlong Station Exit E on the subway. A taxi ride from downtown Guangzhou takes about 40 minutes.

Time & Cost:

Chimelong is a great destination for families and couples. To fully explore Chimelong, plan for two days at an average cost of around 2000 yuan per person. There’s also a one-day itinerary available: half a day at the Safari Park, half a day at Happy World, and the evening at the International Circus.

Tips to Avoid Tourist Traps:

Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

  1. Avoid booking a hotel near the north gate of Chimelong, as it’s quite far from the main entrance.
  2. You can bring snacks and drinks into the zoo, but not items that require heating, such as instant noodles or self-heating hot pots.
  3. During peak seasons, it’s not advised to purchase VIP passes. There are many VIP holders which means the queue time isn’t significantly reduced.
  4. Choose your seats carefully for the circus. Although front-row seats near the stage provide the clearest view, you may get splashed and have to endure loud speakers.
  5. The roller coaster in the amusement park has a large swing range, which could cause head injuries. Avoid wearing hats or other headgear while riding.
  6. It’s recommended to enter from the north gate of the animal park, where most animals and the must-ride train are located. Only the north gate allows vehicles to enter.
  7. On holidays and peak days, non-driving visitors can enter from the south gate where there are fewer people, allowing for a staggered tour.
  8. On weekends or holidays, the train usually has long queues in the morning, but in the afternoon, the wait time is usually shorter.
  9. Though self-driving in the zoo provides more freedom, it follows the same route as the train. The train is more cost-effective as it allows you to see all the attractions and animals.
  10. During the summer, make sure to bring mosquito repellent when visiting the animal park and bird park, as there are many mosquitoes.

Restaurant Review:

Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

You can bring snacks and drinks, but not items that require heating. The zoo has stricter rules, prohibiting any fruit. The average cost per person for meals inside the park is around 80 yuan. Given the mediocre taste, the value for money is low.

It’s recommended to dine at the shopping mall across the street, which is a 20-minute walk or a short taxi ride away. This is where the locals eat, and it houses many of Guangzhou’s excellent restaurants.

Hotel Review

Accommodations in Chimelong are primarily divided into those within and outside the scenic area. If money is not an issue, opt directly for the in-park Chimelong Hotel and Panda Hotel.

These two hotels are very distinctive, allowing you to see white tigers right from the hotel restaurant and featuring many designs loved by children. Free shuttle buses to all parks are just outside the door, and hotel package tickets include access to multiple parks.

Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

Outside the scenic area, homestay apartments are much cheaper, but watch out for pitfalls. Don’t assume that a hotel with “Hanxi Chimelong” in its name is near Chimelong. Hotels near the North Gate Plant Village are close to Chimelong, but the back door of Chimelong Resort is not typically used as an entrance or exit.

Therefore, the distance to the Chimelong South Gate should be the main consideration. Hence, I recommend apartments near the Chimelong Metro Station, Poly Metropolitan, and around Aoyuan, which are close to restaurants and malls.

A taxi ride to the South Gate of Chimelong takes only about ten minutes, and a 15-20 minute walk across the road via the metro station.

Schedule Plan

The Chimelong Safari Park, Amusement Park, and Water Park each offer enough fun to fill an entire day. The Circus only has performances at night, and the Water Park also has night-time shows. Therefore, you can decide whether to visit one or two parks a day based on your energy levels.

For family trips, I recommend the two-park-per-day plan: visit the Safari Park during the day, leave the park around 5 p.m. for dinner and rest, then enjoy the Circus at night. It’s a rich itinerary that won’t leave you exhausted. If you enjoy thrill rides, spend the day at the Amusement Park and the night at the Water Park.

The evening water play avoids sunburn and features electronic music shows. If visiting multiple parks, I recommend purchasing package tickets on group buying platforms, as the variety and prices are often cheaper than the official channels.

Detailed Guide

Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

1. Wildlife World

  1. It’s recommended to enter from the north gate of Wildlife World, where the main animals and the must-ride mini train are located. Only the north gate allows entry by private car.
  2. Besides seeing animals, you can also watch animal performances at Wildlife World. After entering, take a picture of the performance schedule on the notice board to plan your time. The “Elephant Legend” only has one show a day and is not to be missed.
  3. The mini train is a must-ride. It allows you to see the free-roaming wild animals up close. Some animals might even come up to the train. The ride takes about 40 minutes. Try to sit in the middle or back of the train to avoid obstructed views. Also, since most animals are on the right side, it’s better to sit on the right side for better photo opportunities.
  4. Self-driving tours are available for the free-roaming animal sections. The experience is better but more expensive. Only the north gate allows self-driving entry. Besides the ticket, each car must pay an additional fee of 300 yuan (350 yuan on holidays). The advantage of self-driving is that you can control your time and stop anytime to interact with the animals. You don’t have to worry about the sun or rain. The self-driving tour lasts 1 to 1.5 hours, and the exit is at the north gate parking lot. After parking your car nearby, you can continue to tour the pedestrian area.
  5. The “Sky Cable Car” offers transparent-bottom cabins. Usually, one out of 5-6 cabins has a transparent bottom. Just wait your turn in line. However, even if you ride the transparent-bottom cable car, the overall view is ordinary. Most of the time, you can only see trees, few animals, and they are far away. Also, it can be very hot in the summer. If the wait is longer than half an hour, it’s not recommended.

2. Happy World

Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

  1. Check the “Chimelong Tourism” WeChat public account for the status of the park’s rides. The electronic board next to the main gate of the park will also update in real-time. Make sure the rides you want to play are open to avoid a wasted trip.
  2. Typically, you’ll need to queue for about 20 minutes for each ride. It’s suggested to start with your favorite rides. If you see a ride with fewer people, you can go play it first. This way of “picking up leaks” is more efficient. The must-try rides are the free fall, U-shaped skateboard, vertical roller coaster, ten-loop roller coaster, and motorcycle roller coaster.
  3. During the off-season, you can buy a VIP fast pass. Buying the 12-item Supreme EP pass will allow you to play most of the must-try rides. However, during peak seasons, it’s not recommended to buy the fast pass. There will be many people buying VIP passes, and the actual waiting time won’t be much shorter.
  4. From noon to 3 PM is the hottest time of the day. It’s suggested to watch 4D movies or Star Wars, where the indoor environment is cool and comfortable.
  5. The park has a water ride called “Rapid Adventure”. It’s best to play it last. You’ll need to wear a raincoat and it’s better to take off your shoes and roll up your pants, otherwise, your shoes will get wet. Raincoats are cheaper outside the park. If you forget to buy one, raincoats are also sold at the ride.

3. Water Park

  1. The water park has many restrictions on height, weight, and age: People under 150 cm or under 30 kg, or over 90 kg are restricted from playing most of the rides. People over 65 years old are not allowed to enter. The Little Horn, Goose Water Palace, and Explorer’s Water Castle are more child-oriented, and the weight requirement is stricter. People over 70 kg cannot play.
  2. It’s advised to bring your own: swimwear, slippers, waterproof sunscreen, towels, shampoo, shower gel, slippers, and waterproof phone bags. If you don’t bring your own, there are specific selling points in the park, but they are more expensive. A pair of slippers costs about 30-40 yuan, and swimwear starts at 68 yuan. If you forget to buy, you can check the vendors outside the park, which will be slightly cheaper.
  3. You must wear a swimsuit. Most rides will not allow you to play without one. There are changing rooms in the park, so you don’t have to wear a swimsuit to enter. In the summer, it’s a must to wear slippers as the ground is extremely hot.
  4. Rafting requires a swimming ring, which can be rented for 60 yuan each, with a deposit of 30 yuan. You can also use it in the wave pool. But it’s not recommended to queue for a long time for rafting, as the thrill level is quite ordinary.
  5. The Bubble Water Castle area, Wonderful Parent-Child Water City area, and Family Fun area are more suitable for non-swimmers, who can also play in the water.

4. Happy Circus

Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou

  1. The circus seats are divided into four categories: regular, first-class, VIP, and hotel reserved. The VIP seats are directly facing the stage and offer the clearest view. The hotel reserved seats are for those who have purchased hotel packages, and there’s no absolute advantage or disadvantage compared to the first-class seats.
  2. The key to the circus is to choose a good seat. Entry starts at 5 PM, and it’s recommended to queue early for a good spot. The circus can be divided into a front area and a back area, separated by a parade aisle. It’s best to choose the back area next to the parade aisle in the first-class seats. The view is broad, and you won’t miss the intermissions and entrances and exits between two acts, and you don’t need to turn around to watch. It offers the best value for money.
  3. Be careful when choosing the front rows near the stage. Although they are the closest and offer the clearest view, you might get splashed and have to endure loud noises.

5. Bird Park

The Bird Park is not within the Chimelong Resort and is quite far from other parks. It takes 30 minutes to get there from the south gate of Chimelong by a free shuttle, which is quite a hassle.

The Bird Park mainly features amphibians, birds, and reptiles, with the main attractions being birdwatching and bird performances. The entire tour takes about 2-3 hours. If you’re not particularly interested in birds, it’s not recommended to make a special trip.

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