Feilai Peak of Lingyin Temple

The Lingyin Feilai Peak Scenic Area boasts numerous ancient temples, with the Lingyin Temple being the most well-known to tourists. Locals, however, favor other temples like the Yongfu Temple and the Faxi Temple, making the area a sacred place for Buddhist worship. You can make wishes for love, wealth, and career success here.

Must-visit attractions include Feilai Peak, Lingyin Temple, Faxi Temple, and Lingshun Temple. Feilai Peak is renowned for its stone-carved Buddha statues dating from the Five Dynasties to the Yuan Dynasty, which are just a few minutes walk from the main entrance of the scenic area, or can be seen when passing by Lingyin Temple.

Lingyin Temple is the oldest and most popular temple, where you can pray, burn incense, and dine. Faxi Temple, another popular place, is famous for its effective marriage blessings.

Lingshun Temple, also known as the Temple of the Wealth God, is typically reached by visitors via cable car to the top of Beigaofeng Mountain. Here, people come to pray for successful careers and good fortune.

Feilai Peak of Lingyin Temple

If you walk down the mountain from Lingshun Temple, you will definitely pass by Yongfu Temple and Taoguang Temple. Yongfu Temple offers a serene environment and rich natural beauty; if time permits, you should visit. Taoguang Temple is a good place to rest and recharge.

Transportation: We recommend taking a bus, with nearby stops including Lingyin Station and Lingyin East Station.

However, the operating hours for two-way bus routes may vary. You can check navigation apps or scan the QR code on the bus stop sign for real-time schedules.

If you’re driving, navigate directly to the Lingyin Temple parking lot. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the scenic area from the city center, such as Wulin Square.

Time & Cost: You can tour the entire Feilai Peak Scenic Area in about half a day. Including the entrance fee to Feilai Peak and other separately charged attractions, the total cost of a visit should not exceed 200 yuan.

Tips to avoid pitfalls:

Feilai Peak of Lingyin Temple

  1. Faxi Temple and Lingshun Temple are located outside the Flying Peak Scenic Area, and you can purchase individual tickets to enter these temples without needing to buy a ticket for the Flying Peak Scenic Area. Lingyin Temple, Yongfu Temple, and Taoguang Temple are located within the Flying Peak Scenic Area, so if you want to visit these three temples, you need to purchase a ticket for Flying Peak first. Moreover, entering Lingyin Temple requires an extra incense ticket for 30 RMB (the price is subject to the day’s scenic area announcement).
  2. The operating hours of the cable car to Beigao Peak are from 07:30 to 16:00. If visitors want to take the cable car to Lingshun Temple, they can check whether the cable car is in operation on Ctrip (search for “Beigao Peak Cable Car”) or inquire by calling the cable car operator’s customer service. If the cable car service is suspended, you’ll have to hike up the mountain.
  3. The fortune-telling service at Lingshun Temple requires cash payment. If visitors require this service, it is advisable to exchange cash in advance to save time. However, if you forget to bring cash, you can also exchange it at the temple.
  4. During the peak tourist season and long holidays, a parking reservation system is implemented at peak times. If you do not make a reservation in advance, you may face difficulties with parking. As per the 2021 reservation rules, visitors can make a reservation on the “Zhangshang West Lake Xixi” applet and arrive within an hour before or after the start of their reservation.
  5. The scenic area is located within the West Lake area. There are different traffic restrictions for Zhejiang A license plates, Zhejiang A area license plates, non-Zhejiang A license plates, and new energy license plates. Be sure to pay attention to these travel regulations. You can follow the official WeChat accounts like “Hangzhou Release” for updates.


Feilai Peak of Lingyin Temple

You’ll need most of the day to fully explore the scenic area, so I suggest leaving around 8 a.m. Navigate directly to the Bei Gaofeng cable car station and take the cable car up the mountain to start your tour at the Ling Shun Temple.

Then, walk downhill, visiting the Tao Guang Temple, Yongfu Temple, and Lingyin Temple along the way. After touring Lingyin Temple, visit the Feilai Peak sculptures. Finally, take the scenic area sightseeing car to the Faxi Temple. The whole trip should take around 5-6 hours.

If you’re short on time, I recommend visiting just the Lingyin Temple and the Feilai Peak sculptures, then choose either the Yongfu Temple or the Faxi Temple. This shortened tour should take about 2-3 hours.

Detailed Guide

(1) Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is the main attraction in the Lingyin Feilai Peak area. The temple was first established in 326 AD and has been expanded and renovated through various dynasties.

The temple that stands today was restored based on the reconstruction from the late Qing Dynasty. The entire structure follows a central axis layout, with the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Mahavira Hall, and the Hall of the Medicine Buddha as its three main halls.

On either side, there are several courtyards, such as the Arhat Hall and the Jigong Hall. It will take approximately an hour to tour the entire temple.

Special Notes:

  1. Lingyin Temple is located within the Feilai Peak area. You will need to purchase the ticket for the Feilai Peak area first, then a separate ticket for the Lingyin Temple to enter.
  2. The temple does not sell amulets, and those sold outside of the temple are not associated with it. Don’t be deceived.
  3. The temple provides free incense sticks. There’s no need to purchase any.
  4. Open flames are not allowed inside the halls. After lighting incense, it should only be placed in the incense burners located outside the halls.

(2) Feilai Feng Sculptures

Feilai Feng is a limestone peak over a hundred meters high, visible from the Lingyin Temple. The mountain contains numerous naturally formed caves, in which and on the cliffs, over 400 Buddha statues have been carved.

The oldest dates back to 951 AD. Visiting Feilai Feng primarily involves admiring these exquisite cliff carvings, a tour can be completed in about half an hour.

(3) Lingshun Temple

Also known as “The First God of Wealth Temple in the World,” Lingshun Temple is located at the top of Beigaofeng Mountain. The temple is not large, consisting of two courtyards, and a ten-minute tour is sufficient.

Every year, many tourists come here to pray for wealth. The temple requires a separate admission fee of 8 yuan per person.

Special Note:

  1. To visit Lingshun Temple, you need to make a reservation in advance on the “Hangzhou Temple Visit Reservation Platform” on WeChat. Tickets can only be purchased upon arrival at the temple after making a reservation.
  2. If you are only visiting Lingshun Temple, you don’t need to buy a ticket for the Feilai Feng Scenic Area.
  3. If you want to draw and interpret a fortune stick, you need to pay in cash. It’s recommended to prepare in advance, or you can exchange for cash inside the temple.

(4) Yongfu Temple

Yongfu Temple is the largest among the five temples. Unlike the other temples with a symmetrical axial layout, it consists of four open temples and a teahouse, built according to the mountain terrain, resulting in a scattered layout.

The temple is nestled in a forest, providing a serene atmosphere and beautiful scenery, perfect for photography.

Special Note:

Yongfu Temple is located within the Feilai Feng Scenic Area, and no separate admission ticket is required.

(5) Faxi Temple

Feilai Peak of Lingyin Temple

Faxi Temple, also known as Shangtianzhu Temple, is devoted primarily to the worship of Avalokiteśvara. The temple sits outside the Feilai Peak Scenic Area, and it’s about two kilometers from there. It’s recommended to take the scenic area’s sightseeing car to reach the temple.

People mainly visit Faxi Temple for marriage blessings, but many tourists also come here just to take pictures for social media check-ins, as there are several excellent photo spots, making Faxi Temple a “web-famous” temple.

Please note:

  1. To visit Faxi Temple, you need to make a reservation in advance on the “Hangzhou Temple Visit Reservation Platform” official account. Only after reservation, you can purchase tickets to enter the temple.
  2. If you’re only visiting Faxi Temple, you don’t need to purchase the entrance ticket for the Feilai Peak Scenic Area.
  3. Faxi Temple requires a separate entry ticket, priced at RMB 10 per person, which includes three incense sticks, so there’s no need to buy extra incense.
  4. Protective amulets can be purchased from the religious goods circulation area on the right side of the entrance to Faxi Temple, which is operated by the temple itself.

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