Prince Bay Park

Prince Bay Park, located at the southwest end of West Lake, is a large open-style park filled with lawns, lakes, various pavilions, bridges, and memorials. There are also cafes and restaurants where you can rest when you’re tired.

Every spring, the park becomes one of Hangzhou’s hot spots for flower viewing, with all kinds of blossoms attracting many people for photography.

Although the park is not large, its verdant and tranquil landscape offers pleasing views whether you’re strolling down a path or crossing a bridge.

Visitors making a special trip can check out the Leisure Slope in front of the small church, the Wanhui Pavilion and pond, the large windmill at Wangshanping, and the beaded green waterfall.

From March to April each year, tulips and cherry blossoms are in full bloom, along with daffodils and hyacinths among other flowers, making it the best season for flower viewing. Visiting during other times of the year for a leisurely walk and a breath of fresh air is also a good idea.


Prince Bay Park

Non-self-driving tourists can choose bus stops near Prince Bay Park, such as the Sudi Station and the Chishanbu Station. After arriving at Sudi Station, walk a few hundred meters into the park or a few minutes from Chishanbu Station into the park.

Note: The operating times of the bus routes may vary in both directions, you can check the navigation software or scan the QR code on the bus stop sign for real-time bus schedules.

Self-driving tourists can directly navigate to the Prince Bay Park parking lot. Departing from the city center (such as Wulin Square), it takes about 30 minutes to reach the scenic spot.


Admission is free.

Tips to Avoid Pitfalls

Prince Bay Park

  1. The scenic area has two parking lots, the West Gate and the North Gate, but parking spaces are limited. During peak tourist seasons or mini-holidays, parking will be in high demand. Additionally, traffic congestion is common during these periods, making taxi rides or self-driving inconvenient. Hence, it’s recommended to take a bus or shared bicycle to the park. However, bicycles are not allowed inside the park.
  2. Although there are guide maps inside the scenic area, the signage at the attractions isn’t very clear. Most attractions are named after pavilions, making it difficult to know the names of the sights while touring. But the park is not large, so visitors can stroll around freely.
  3. Some wooden bridges in the park have small pedestrian areas. When walking, be careful with the steps and hold digital devices securely to avoid dropping them into the water.
  4. Warning signs are placed in the park, indicating the prohibition of picnic mats, various types of ground mats, tents, tables, chairs, and other items that may hinder the growth of the lawn. However, some visitors have laid simple ground mats at Wangshan Ping. If you need to do so, it’s recommended to consult the park staff first.


Prince Bay Park

Taiziwan Park is open year-round, but the most popular time frame, aside from the peak tourist season, is mid-March to mid-April when tulips and cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

If visitors wish to admire these flowers, they should plan their trip during this period. Visitors traveling during the off-peak season can go at any time, but those traveling during peak season should be mindful of their schedule.

As a general rule, the crowds are relatively sparse before 8:00 AM, but they increase after 9:00 AM. Visitors traveling during the peak season should allocate their time wisely. The overall visit duration is between 1-2 hours.

There is no specific route for touring the park. Regardless of which entrance visitors use, they will be able to fully explore the entire park. However, the recommended entrance is the west gate.

Following the pedestrian path, visitors can sequentially visit attractions such as the small chapel, the Fanghuai Pavilion, Xiaoyao Slope, the large windmill, and Wangshan Pavillion.

Detailed Guide

Prince Bay Park
  1. The park is located within the West Lake Scenic Area. During holidays, traffic restrictions are implemented in the West Lake Scenic Area. If you plan to drive, remember to check the day’s travel policy, including restricted times, rules, and areas.
  2. In addition to the West and North gates’ parking lots in the scenic area, there are also nearby parking lots at Chishanbu (65 spots, 150m walk to the West gate) and Sudi (80 spots, 220m walk to the North gate). You can also use the WeChat mini program “West Lake Intelligent Travel” or related navigation apps to search for nearby parking lots and check real-time parking availability.
  3. Parking fees are as follows: During the peak tourist season (March 15-May 31, September 15-November 30) and non-holidays: 10 yuan per hour for large and small vehicles during the daytime (8:00-20:00) and 5 yuan per time at night (20:00-next day 8:00). On holidays and peak tourist season, the price for small vehicles changes: 30 yuan per hour on National Day and Spring Festival holidays during the day and 20 yuan per hour on weekends during the peak tourist season. Billing rules: If you park for less than or equal to 1 hour, the billing unit is 1 hour. Beyond 1 hour, the billing unit is half an hour. The first 15 minutes of each billing unit are free. If you exceed 15 minutes, you enter the billing time and are charged for one billing unit.
  4. Reservations are required in advance during the peak season. It is best to make a reservation a day in advance. Reservations can be made through the WeChat mini program by searching for “Palm West Lake Xixi”.
  5. The park has four entrances/exits: the North Gate, West Gate, the South Mountain Road Middle Gate, and the small gate by Zhang Taiyan’s former residence in the east. You can enter and exit at will during the off-season, but based on previous tourist experiences, these entrances/exits may be controlled during peak season. Except for the West Gate, which allows both entry and exit, the other three gates permit one-way traffic only: the North Gate is for entry only, the South Mountain Road Middle Gate and the small gate at Zhang Taiyan’s former residence are for exit only. It is recommended that visitors familiarize themselves with the entry and exit situations before visiting the park.
  6. Apart from the lovely sights within the park, adventurous tourists may also wish to hike up Jiuyao Mountain. The trailhead is located near Tingtao Residence, and once you navigate to Tingtao Residence, you’ll be able to see the entrance to the mountain trail. Jiuyao Mountain has an altitude of 179 meters, and the trail is relatively flat. You can reach the summit within an hour, from where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the West Lake and Lei Feng Pagoda.
  7. The park offers several popular photo spots, including the pond scenery by Wanghuai Pavilion (located opposite the leisurely slope of the small chapel), the Big Windmill – Wangshanping, the Pearl Curtain Wall Waterfall, and the gentle water system nearby. Many newlyweds also choose to take their wedding photos near Wangshanping.

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