Hangzhou Songcheng is one of the most popular theme parks in China, renowned for its bustling Song Dynasty ambiance and the grand musical “Songcheng Eternal Love”.

Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the street scenes of the Song Dynasty, enjoy musical drama performances and costume parades. It’s highly recommended for tourists who enjoy ancient Chinese culture and costume enthusiasts.

“Songcheng Eternal Love” is the most spectacular performance in the park, weaving stories from the Liangzhu culture, Song Imperial Palace, Yue Family Army, Butterfly Lovers, Legend of the White Snake, and the grandeur of the Jiangnan region into a compelling narrative.

The 5D live-action drama “The Great Earthquake” recreates the scene of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, with the production team recruiting audience members for participation, making it a highly interactive experience.

“Costume Show” presents the evolution of costumes from the Tang to the Ming dynasty through song and dance.


Within the park, some of Hangzhou’s time-honored brands have set up shops where you can purchase Hangzhou silk and umbrellas.

Street vendors also sell beverages and snacks such as fruit juice, sausages, and rice cakes. You can also enjoy the “Time-travel Flash Mob” performance and dance with performers dressed in Han costumes, creating a lively atmosphere.


Songcheng is located southwest of the West Lake Scenic Area. It’s about a 30-minute drive from the city center of Hangzhou (like Wulin Square). The area around the park is easily accessible by public transportation, with multiple routes leading directly to the park.

Tourists from the city center can take Metro Line 4 to Shuicheng Bridge Station, then transfer to Bus 308/39 to Songcheng.


Visiting Songcheng requires the purchase of tickets for the “Songcheng Eternal Love” performance, which includes park admission and performance. Additional fees are required for other interactive activities such as archery or boating.

During an undercover visit, luxury sofa seats were priced at 580 yuan per person, VIP seats at 350 yuan per person, and general admission seats at 320 yuan per person. Group purchase platforms offer discounts.

Avoiding Pitfalls:


  1. The daily attractions and performances at the scenic area can be adjusted or canceled based on real-time situations, and the schedule is not fixed. Tourists need to keep up with the program dynamics via the official WeChat public accounts “Hangzhou Songcheng” and “Songcheng Performing Arts” to avoid missing a show or making a futile trip.
  2. The timing of daily performances can vary slightly from the time marked on the program list. The deviation is around 10-20 minutes. Please rely on real-time observation.
  3. The scenic area has fully implemented electronic maps, and paper maps are not available. The daily performance list and the performance locations are only displayed on the screens of the performing arts square. First-time visitors, especially older ones, may miss performances due to unfamiliarity with the park.
  4. There is a Songcheng Shouting Spring at the exit of the ticket inspection gate. Many children and tourists shout loudly at the spring, causing significant noise. This could affect the initial impressions of tourists entering the park.
  5. The ticket for the “Songcheng Eternal Love” performance only includes the entrance ticket and performance items. Additional charges apply to interactive experiences such as archery, the V interactive project “Tixu Fantasy Realm”, boating, and others.



The entirety of Songcheng is not very large, but it hosts numerous performances and features architectural styles that are perfect for photography.

The total time to explore the park is around 4-5 hours. It is recommended to enter the park around 2-3 PM, allowing you to watch performances while appreciating the park’s architecture and taking photos.

After exploring most of the attractions, enjoy the night view of Songcheng and the splendid costume performances. For visitors who love Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing), you can rent them within the scenic area and enjoy a photo shoot.

There isn’t a specific route for visiting the park. As the daily program changes, visitors need to plan their itinerary based on the time and location of each performance.

However, it is advisable to first arrange to watch performances that are less frequent to avoid missing out.

Also, the park’s key and large-scale performances should not be missed, such as the grand song and dance show “Songcheng Eternal Love”, the 5D live-action drama “Earthquake”, the lantern feast “Costume Show”, the interactive show “Time Travel Flash Mob”, and the folk performance “Throwing the Embroidered Ball”.

Detailed Guide


  1. Purchase tickets for the “Songcheng Eternal Love” performance one day in advance. This allows you to reserve seats beforehand. We recommend opting for VIP seats, as they offer a central viewing location. Alternatively, choose seats in rows 13-20, preferably near the middle section for a better viewing experience.
  2. Follow the “Hangzhou Songcheng” official WeChat account to stay informed about the day’s program schedule. Set reminders for performances that pique your interest and plan your itinerary accordingly. We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes early for each event.
  3. The scenic area opens at 10 or 10:30 AM, so there’s no need to wake up early to catch the attractions. If you enter the park before 3 PM, you should be able to cover all the activities. The park closes half an hour after the final “Songcheng Eternal Love” performance.
  4. The large-scale musical “Songcheng Eternal Love” is performed at 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM, each lasting for an hour. Choose the performance that suits your schedule and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Additional performances are added during peak season.
  5. During the “Songcheng Eternal Love” performance, if you find your seat unsatisfactory, you may adjust your seating based on availability and without occupying other guests’ seats.
  6. Hangzhou Songcheng can get quite crowded during weekends and holidays. If you want a better experience, consider off-peak travel, such as visiting on weekdays.
  7. The park offers a variety of snacks and fast food. The snacks are primarily concentrated in the traditional market street, while the fast food is mainly situated in the Starry Food Plaza. The overall taste is mediocre and the prices are slightly higher than the market ones. Visitors are advised to bring their own water and snacks into the park, although you can try some characteristic snacks within the park.
  8. The 5D live action drama “Great Earthquake” recruits actors from the audience. If you’re interested, you can participate for a more immersive experience. It is recommended to enter the theater (Theater 5) 10-15 minutes in advance. The first 20 rows will experience shaking, so guests with heart conditions or of advanced age are better off sitting beyond the 20th row.
  9. In the evening, there are parades of lanterns and costume shows in the plaza. During the lantern parades, performers in various traditional costumes interact with tourists on North Street. You can take pictures with these performers who add to the scenic beauty. The traditional costume shows depict the prosperity from the Tang to the Ming Dynasty, offering a scene of peace and prosperity.
  10. The architectural design of Song City perfectly matches with Han costumes. There are shops in the scenic area where you can rent Han costumes. The rent during the undercover visit was around 150-200 yuan per set, including makeup. Tourists can rent Han costumes in the scenic area according to their needs or bring their own.
  11. The tourist reception center at the ticketing area of the scenic spot offers free luggage storage. If you have large or numerous pieces of luggage, you can choose to store them at the reception center.

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