Universal Beijing Resort

Universal Studios is a world-class theme park that rivals the fame of Disneyland, boasting a collection of classic Hollywood movies beloved by countless visitors. Universal Beijing Resort is the fifth global outpost of this entertainment powerhouse.

Unlike Disneyland, Universal Studios primarily showcases the scenes, fragments, and characters from various classic films, offering visitors a strong sense of immersion. The attractions cater to both thrilling and gentle experiences, suitable for all age groups.

Universal Beijing Resort is divided into seven themed areas, each based on movie themes and featuring a wide array of attractions and performances. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the most popular, recreating the enchanting environment of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Universal Beijing Resort

The castle, the Hogwarts Express, and the magical shop windows serve as prime photo spots for tourists. The Forbidden Journey ride offers an immersive experience where guests can feel like wizards battling Voldemort.

The Transformers Base is brimming with mechanical elements. Here, visitors can interact with and take photos with Megatron, and ride the exhilarating Decepticoaster roller coaster, which often requires a 1-2 hour wait during peak season, with many guests choosing to ride it multiple times.

In contrast, the whimsical and joyful Minion Land, with its charming and playful setting and family-friendly rides, is especially beloved by children.

Universal Beijing Resort

In addition to the rides, performance events like Universal’s Grand Parade, “Untameable,” and the Hogwarts Castle Nighttime Lights are also incredibly popular. The Grand Parade features characters like the Minions, Shrek, and Kung Fu Panda’s Po performing and interacting with guests on floats.

“Untameable” is a song and dance spectacle unique to Universal Beijing, bringing to life the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” with realistic set designs and props, complete with dragon flying and actor interaction, showcasing strong performances.

The Hogwarts Castle Nighttime Lights project illuminating displays onto the castle, introducing and showcasing the four houses of the wizarding world, providing a dazzling experience that’s a must-see for all Potter fans.


Universal Studios Beijing is located in Tongzhou District and is accessible via subway Line 1, Batong Line, or Line 7 to Universal Resort Station (North Exit C). From the center of Beijing, driving to the resort takes about an hour.

Timing & Costs:

During the off-peak weekdays at the resort, crowds are smaller, and most attractions require little to no waiting in line, allowing for a full day’s worth of enjoyment.

However, during peak season, wait times for attractions can be very long, making it challenging to experience everything. Budget-conscious visitors might consider purchasing an Express Pass to access the fast track and save time in line.

Universal Studios Beijing offers a four-tiered pricing structure for single-day tickets: off-peak days cost approximately 420 CNY per person, regular days around 530 CNY per person, peak days about 640 CNY per person, and designated days up to 750 CNY per person.

The specific date categories and prices can be checked on the official app or mini-program “Beijing Universal Resort,” where the calendar of prices is available. All attractions and shows within the park have no hidden fees.

In addition, the resort also offers a variety of ticket options such as discounted single-day tickets, 1.5-day tickets, annual passes, gift vouchers for tickets, and ticket + hotel packages.

Value-added services like the Universal Express and VIP Experience are also available. Details for these can be found on the official app or mini-program.

Ticket Purchase Guide

1. Tickets for the Universal Beijing Resort can be purchased through its official WeChat account. You can buy tickets up to a month in advance, but during peak holiday periods such as National Day or Labor Day, it’s advisable to purchase tickets 3-7 days ahead of time. On other days, there’s usually no rush to buy tickets. Additionally, tickets are available on various travel group-buying platforms, often at a discount compared to the official account.

2. Check the weather forecast in advance. If there are strong wind advisories or inclement weather like rain or snow, outdoor attractions such as roller coasters and parade performances will be closed. You can check the status of attractions and shows on the official app or mini-program on the day of your visit.

3. Remember to bring your ID and make a reservation through the official app or mini-program beforehand. Upon entering the park, your reservation QR code will be verified, and your ID will be used to record facial recognition data. If you leave and return to the park on the same day, you can re-enter simply by facial recognition.

4. During winter, the Water World section of the park is closed. Since many attractions are outdoors and it can be quite windy, it’s important to dress warmly and take windproof precautions. Also, phones tend to lose battery charge quickly in cold weather, so it’s a good idea to bring a portable charger and hand warmers.

5. The official app and mini-program provide real-time information on ride wait times, show start times, and character meet-and-greet schedules, which is quite convenient. You can plan your visit by prioritizing attractions with shorter wait times.

6. You need to act quickly to purchase an Express Pass. These passes, available for individual attractions or as multi-ride packages, are limited in quantity and especially in demand during the peak season. With an Express Pass, you can enjoy priority access to attractions, which saves a significant amount of time in line and is well-suited for visitors with a more flexible budget.

7. Visitors with 3D motion sickness should be cautious when selecting attractions, as most rides in the park are in the form of 3D roller coasters. It’s recommended that guests who are prone to dizziness or have back issues choose gentler activities based on their personal health.

8. Some attractions have height restrictions, such as the Megatron Roller Coaster and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. If you’re visiting with children, please be aware of these requirements to avoid wasting time queuing unnecessarily.

9. The park has water refill stations, so you’re welcome to bring your own bottle to fill up with drinking water. However, glass containers are not permitted. You are also allowed to bring your own food, but items that need heating, such as instant noodles, are not allowed.

10. Guests driving to the park can reserve and pay for parking in advance through the official WeChat account by selecting “Explore Park – Prepaid Parking” in the menu. Upon arrival, the system will automatically recognize your license plate number and direct you to the parking area, preventing the inconvenience of not finding a parking spot due to high visitor volume.

Restaurant Reviews

1. The Three Broomsticks (near The Wizarding World of Harry Potter): The park’s most popular eatery, expect to queue for over an hour during peak season. The restaurant offers a view of the castle from its outdoor seating, making for a picturesque dining experience.

The hearty roast chicken and ribs platter is a must-try, and you can’t go wrong with it. Butterbeer is a staple here, with each guest usually having a glass in hand. The hot version tends to be sweeter, while the frozen variety is especially refreshing.

2. Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop (near the land of Kung Fu Panda): Specializing in noodles, the average cost per person is under $80, which is quite reasonable for theme park dining.

Hotel Reviews

Both the Universal Studios Grand Hotel and the NUO Resort Hotel – Universal Beijing Resort are Universal Studios’ resort hotels located at the park’s entrance.

Guests staying at these hotels enjoy the privilege of entering the park one hour before the official opening time, allowing them to experience the attractions with shorter wait times. The average cost of a stay is around 1700 yuan.


Outdoor attractions are highly susceptible to weather conditions. Strong winds, rain, or snow may lead to the closure of certain areas, significantly diminishing the overall experience. It’s important to check the weather forecast before your trip.

Additionally, winter visits should be carefully considered as the temperature drops, winds pick up, and the likelihood of attraction closures increases. Moreover, the WaterWorld area is closed during the winter season.

Since its opening, Universal Studios has been incredibly popular, especially on holidays when long wait times are common. It’s best to visit on weekdays to avoid peak crowds. During off-peak weekdays, attractions are virtually queue-free, allowing you to cover all attractions in one day comfortably.

If you must visit during peak season, consider purchasing an Express Pass to prioritize attraction access and save significant time, or opt for a 1.5-day ticket, which allows entry after 2 pm on the first day, giving you an extra half-day to explore.

The recommended route below is designed to minimize backtracking and wait times, allowing you to enjoy all the park’s attractions efficiently. If the park is crowded and wait times are long, adjust your plan according to the queue times listed on the official app, heading to attractions with shorter lines.

Typically, queues are shorter in the morning right after the park opens, so it’s a good idea to hit popular attractions like Forbidden Journey, Jurassic Park – The Ride, and Transformers: The Ride first. In the afternoon, as crowds increase, be prepared for longer wait times.

Recommended Attraction Sequence:

Enter the park – Explore Jurassic World – The Land of Nublar – Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Watch the Universal’s Superstar Parade – Have lunch in the park – Visit WaterWorld – Experience Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness – Head to Transformers: The Base – Stroll through Hollywood – Watch the Unleashed show at Universal Theatre – Enjoy the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem – Return to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the nighttime lights show – Exit the park.

Ultimate Guide

(1) The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

A must-visit at Universal Studios, where the recreation of Hogwarts and the performances, interactive segments, and settings are spot-on. It’s a delightful experience, akin to stepping into a real magical world.

The castle serves as the park’s prime photo spot, with many visitors renting or purchasing wizard robes, scarves, and wands in advance for a more immersive experience.

Recommended attractions and shows:

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey: A holographic indoor roller coaster that’s an essential experience at the park. Bag storage is required before the ride, and you might feel a slight sensation of weightlessness.

The queue is part of the fun, with the Pensieve, Sorting Hat, and Gryffindor common room among the finely detailed decorations, making the wait anything but dull.

Hogwarts Castle Nighttime Lights Spectacular: Essentially a light show that projects onto the castle, introducing the four houses of the magical world.

Each show lasts about 7 minutes, so make sure not to be late. It’s advisable to enjoy the Forbidden Journey first and then watch the light show from the ride’s exit, making sure to time it right.

(2) Transformers Base

Universal Beijing Resort

Welcome to the mechanical-themed park, a hub of thrilling attractions and one of the most popular sections in the area. Don’t miss the chance to snap a photo with the towering Optimus Prime, a favorite spot for visitors to check in.

Recommended attractions and shows:

Megatron Roller Coaster: Brace yourself for the park’s most exhilarating roller coaster. With inversions and steep dives, this ride offers intense sensations of weightlessness that thrill-seekers won’t want to miss.

Remember to secure your belongings and avoid carrying loose or sharp items like glasses, cell phones, and pins. Also, it’s best not to eat too much before riding unless you want to feel queasy.

AllSpark Battle: Another indoor roller coaster packed with Autobot combat scenes. Wearing 3D glasses, you’ll get the best immersive experience sitting in the front row without obstructions. Although this ride is less about weightlessness and more about rapid scene changes, it can be quite disorienting.

Legends Live: There are plenty of viral videos featuring interactions with Megatron on social media platforms. Here, you can converse and take photos with him. Prepare your questions in advance for some entertaining responses.

Be sure to check the schedule for Autobot appearances; they rotate, and you might not encounter the one you’re hoping to meet.

(3) Minion Park

Universal Beijing Resort

Minion Park is the most joyous theme area in Universal Studios, beloved by kids for its adorable Minion characters. The attractions here are full of whimsy and gentle, making it perfect for family fun.

Even if the rides aren’t your cup of tea, the vibrant decorations and settings are incredibly photogenic, attracting many visitors just for the photo ops.

Recommended attractions and performances:

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: Transform into a Minion and dive into their story with this endearing setting. As a 3D roller coaster, expect some jolts and bumps – an ideal choice for young guests and their families.

(4) Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness

Universal Beijing Resort

Experience the world’s first Kung Fu Panda-themed park, infused with a strong Chinese vibe. All attractions are indoors, creating an ambiance akin to exploring a lantern festival, albeit with dimmer lighting.

The rides are gentle and particularly suitable for children, making it an ideal spot for family outings. However, some visitors might find the park somewhat dull and overlook its charm.

Recommended attractions or shows:

Dragon Warrior Journey: An indoor river rafting adventure that follows Po’s story as he defeats the villains from the movie. The gentle slopes of the ride ensure you won’t get soaked.

Legends of Lanterns: Ride in a lantern-lit gondola and soar above the Kung Fu Panda park for an atmospheric experience. However, the ride is brief, lasting only two or three rotations.

(5) WaterWorld

Universal Beijing Resort

This is the place to witness breathtaking aquatic stunts that are both thrilling and splashy. Be prepared to get wet if you sit in the designated front row splash zone. Note that this attraction is seasonal and closes during the winter months.

Recommended attractions or shows:

WaterWorld Stunt Show: Watch explosive water stunts and daring jet ski dives that guarantee an immersive experience.

(6) Hollywood

This is the first themed area you’ll encounter upon entering the park, boasting decor that’s perfect for photo opportunities and numerous souvenir shops to browse. There are two main shows that reveal the magic behind movie special effects and theater performances.

Recommended attractions or shows:

Universal Parade: The parade begins on Hollywood Boulevard, but you can view it from along its route, such as near the Jurassic or Minion areas—no need to crowd the starting point.

Characters from various movies will appear on the floats, engaging actively with spectators. Before the parade starts, lucky guests are chosen to ride in the lead vehicle and take part in the procession.

“Untamable”: Located at the Glorious Theater, this unique Universal Studios Beijing performance showcases the plot of the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” in the form of a stage play. With realistic props, including actors riding dragons that soar into the air, the stage presence is incredibly strong.

You can enter the theater 15 minutes before the show starts to snag a seat. The second level usually offers a better visual experience, but during the off-season, the first level may not fill up, and the upper level might not be open.

“Lights, Camera, Action!”: Featuring cameo video clips from Zhang Yimou and Steven Spielberg, this immersive experience takes you onto the set of a movie studio, complete with special effects like thunderstorms, fires, and strong winds. It’s a must-see for movie enthusiasts.

There’s generally no need to queue, but be prepared to stand throughout the experience. Take note that the first row is quite close to the special effects, where flames may shoot up and water might drench you, so it’s best to keep some distance for safety.

(7)Jurassic World Isla Nublar:

Universal Beijing Resort

Inspired by the “Jurassic World” franchise, this park area is characterized by an outdoor camp feel. Dinosaur elements are everywhere, and there are opportunities for interactive experiences with these prehistoric creatures, which is quite fascinating.

Recommended attractions and performances:

Jurassic World Adventure: This ride is also a 3D indoor roller coaster that recreates scenes from the “Jurassic World” movies. The dinosaur props are lifelike and the 3D effects are impressive, offering a realistic experience without causing much dizziness.

Soaring Over Jurassic: Known as one of the park’s busiest attractions, this roller coaster combines indoor and outdoor elements, with rotating seats that offer views of Isla Nublar’s scenery.

The ride mainly consists of low-level flying, close to the ground, which has been jokingly criticized as “soaring over concrete.” The background settings lack distinctive Jurassic elements and leave something to be desired.

However, it offers a chance to enjoy the scenery and a breeze with mild sensations of weightlessness, making it suitable for children and a favorite among many visitors.

Please note:

  1. Interactive magic wands are available for purchase or rent, allowing you to cast spells in front of magical world shop windows for an interactive experience.
  2. The theme park features hidden gems, such as the sounds of Moaning Myrtle crying in the restrooms of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the laughter and farting noises of the Minions in their themed restrooms.
  3. Characters from movies like the Minions, Transformers, and Kung Fu Panda make appearances in the park for meet-and-greets. Their performance times and locations can be found on the official app, where you can interact with them and take photos.
  4. The park is specially decorated for various seasons, with a festive atmosphere around Christmas, featuring large Christmas trees, gift boxes, a special tree-lighting ceremony, and Santa meet-and-greets. Check for holiday activities during your visit.
  5. Visitors celebrating their birthday month at the park can pick up a birthday badge at the visitor center upon entry. Badges come in Kung Fu Panda and holographic designs, distributed at random.
  6. Recommended photo spots at Universal Studios include the iconic globe at Universal CityWalk, the luxury car area in front of Mel’s Diner, Optimus Prime at the Transformers base, the castle and magical windows at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and various Minions statues at Minion Land.
  7. The park’s restaurants and souvenir shops tend to be on the pricier side, but they offer a memorable dining and shopping experience with unique architecture and themes related to their respective movies. If interested, you can dine and purchase mementos within the park.

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