Xixi National Wetland Park

Xixi Wetland, together with West Lake and Xiling Seal Engravers Society, are collectively known as the “Three Wests,” making it a must-visit spot in Hangzhou.

The park is rich in ecological resources and offers a serene natural landscape. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, tea-tasting on boat rides, flower-gazing, bird-watching, and even learn about wetland ecosystems. Each season offers a unique scenery in Xixi Wetland, making it a year-round destination.

Spring features blooming flowers, summer provides a cool retreat, autumn allows for persimmon picking and boat rides through reed marshes, and winter is perfect for plum blossom viewing.

I highly recommend starting your journey with a battery boat ride, from where you can appreciate the beautiful lake view. The stretch between Deep Pool Mouth and Jiaolu Tianzhuang is a vast reed marsh. In late autumn, the boat ride offers a view of the reeds dispersing seeds, creating a snow-like spectacle, akin to celestial maidens scattering flowers.

Xixi National Wetland Park

After you disembark, you can stroll around and enjoy the local scenery and culture. Jiang Village and Hezhu Street are the focal points for food and specialty souvenirs. Visitors can rest and chat here or shop around.

The park also houses the China Wetland Museum, a national-level exhibition focused on wetlands. The museum offers a variety of exhibits and regularly holds themed exhibitions. It’s worth a visit for those interested in natural sciences.

Transportation: Xixi Wetland has excellent surrounding transport links and ample parking. Whether using public transportation or driving, visitors will find it very convenient. From downtown Hangzhou, you can take Metro Line 3 or 19 to Huawu, South Xixi Wetland, or North Xixi Wetland stations.

From there, it’s a short walk to the main entrance or north gate of the park. If driving from downtown (e.g., from Wulin Square), it’s about a 35-minute drive to the park. You can find parking within the park.

Fees: During our visit, parts of Xixi Wetland were free to the public, while some areas required an 80 RMB ticket per person. Boat services incur an extra fee, with battery boat tickets costing 60 RMB per person and rowboat tickets for Zhoujiacun and Hongyuan costing 100 RMB per hour. Group tickets are available at a discounted price.

Tips to Avoid Pitfalls

Xixi National Wetland Park

  1. The scenic area is divided into paid and free zones, with the Fu dike as the boundary. The left side is the paid area, where you need to swipe your ID card or show a ticket QR code to enter. Jiangcun Market, Hezhu Street, and the right side are free zones.
  2. Some areas of the scenic spot are open to visitors free of charge. It is suggested that visitors enter the free area from the north gate of the scenic spot, and they can tour clockwise or counter-clockwise to avoid unnecessary detours.
  3. If visitors want to experience the boat tour, we recommend entering from Zhoujiacun, the main entrance of the scenic spot. It’s best to experience the electric boat tour first, where you can get on and off at each dock once. The original embarkation point is also the final stop of the boat tour. After admiring the lake view, disembark at each dock to explore, and follow the signs to the next dock when you’re ready to board again.
  4. The scenic area is vast, and despite the many guide signs, it’s recommended that visitors pick up a paper map at the visitor station or visitor service center. It’s comprehensive and provides a better sense of direction, preventing you from losing your way or backtracking.
  5. The scenic area’s electric car allows visitors to get on and off only once. To ride again, you’ll need to repurchase a ticket. If the route involves a paid area, your ticket will need to be verified before you can board.
  6. Group purchase platforms offer discounts on tickets and attractions, but they can only be used two hours after purchase. For visitors who need to enter the paid area or experience the electric boat tour, we recommend purchasing a day in advance.
  7. The main restaurants in the scenic area are concentrated in Jiangcun Market and Xixi Paradise. There are also a few scattered ones at the Yanshui Fishing Village boat dock. If visitors wish to dine within the scenic area, they should head to Jiangcun Market or Xixi Paradise.
  8. The scenic area has different festival activities for each season, including the Plum Blossom Festival, Flower Festival, Persimmon Festival, and the Dry Pond Festival. However, as the temperature and environment change each year, the festival dates may vary slightly. If you’re interested, we suggest calling the scenic spot in advance to inquire about the specific dates.


Xixi National Wetland Park

The scenic area is clearly divided into paid and free zones. If you simply want to enjoy the scenery on foot or observe birds, you can directly visit the Fudi and Ludi areas.

However, if you want to experience a boat ride and further enjoy the wetland landscape and the cultural charm of Xixi Wetland, you will need to purchase tickets and the corresponding boat ride packages.

Walking Tour Route:

North Gate – Jiang Village Slow Life Block – Hezhu Street – Ludi – Hangzhou Wetland Botanical Garden – Underwater Ecological Sightseeing Corridor – Gaozhuang – Lotus Beach Bird Watching Area – China Wetland Museum
(Duration: 5-6 hours)

Boat Tour Routes:

Route A: Zhoujiacun – Yanshui Fishing Village – Shentankou – Jiaolu Tianzhuang – Zhoujiacun (Duration: 3-4 hours)
Route B: Longshezui – Hongyuan – Longshezui (Duration: 2-3 hours)

Detailed Guide

Xixi National Wetland Park

  1. Xixi Wetland is quite large, and it’s impossible to visit all the scenic spots within a day. It’s advisable to choose a few of your favorites or stay overnight in the surrounding area. A two-day stay will allow for a leisurely exploration of the entire area.
  2. For those interested in the battery-powered boat tour, prioritize getting to the nearest dock. Cruising around the lake and exploring the shoreline takes about 3-4 hours. It’s best to appreciate the paid scenic spots first, then head to the free areas such as Hezhu Street, Green Dike, and Lotus Beach Bird Watching Area.
  3. The park’s sightseeing boat tour has two routes, and visitors can only choose one to explore.
  4. Route A of the battery-powered boat has four docks. The sequence is: Zhoujiacun – Yanshui Fishing Village – Deep Pond Mouth – Jiaolu Field Village. Wherever you board will also be your final stop, and you cannot ride the same route twice.
  5. Near Yanshui Fishing Village dock are three cultural exhibition halls: the Mulberry Silkworm Silk Story Museum, Xixi Wedding Customs Museum, and Xixi Villagers Home. These venues respectively showcase the local folklore and farming culture of Xixi’s original inhabitants and are worth exploring.
  6. After disembarking at the Deep Pond Mouth dock, you can visit the tourist hotspot “Xixi Please Stay” for a group photo, then stroll along the stone-paved streets of Jiang Village Market and Hezhu Street. These are some of the few commercial hubs in the park. The surrounding architecture combines old and new, with the quaint interiors of the neighborhood and modern, artistic cafes and drink shops lining the streets.
  7. The battery boat route between Deep Pond Mouth and Jiaolu Field Village passes through a large area of reeds. In late autumn, the sight of reeds in the wind is as stunning as if celestial maidens were scattering flowers.
  8. For those who prefer to walk, you can enter and exit from the North or East gate for free sightseeing.
  9. Reservations are required to visit the China Wetland Museum. The museum has three exhibition halls displaying the ecology of wetlands and marshes from different countries and specimens of various species. They also regularly host exhibitions on different themes.

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